3 exciting use-cases of blockchain in times of COVID — part II

2 min readJan 16, 2021


There are innumerable problems blockchain can address. And, as stated in our previous post, blockchain technology has only helped us better navigate the covid-19 pandemic. Here are a few more use-cases of blockchain in recent times.

Supply-chain management: With the demand for masks, hand-sanitisers, personal protection equipment (PPE) skyrocketing, we are faced with challenges in supply-chain management. Blockchain technology can significantly improve supply-chains by enabling product traceability, enhancing coordination between partners and aiding access to financing, with its immutable and distributed ledger records.

Donation-tracking: The pandemic has also brought out the philanthropist in all of us. It is crucial to keep the process transparent to prevent corruption and ensure that the funds reach the needy. Hyperchain is a blockchain-based network that aims at combatting the pandemic by specialising in uniquely tracking donations. It assists governments and healthcare organisations in streamlining the process by making it unchangeable, efficient and traceable.

Immunity certificates: Countries like the UK, Chile, Germany have suggested the use of “immunity certificates” to exempt those who have been infected and consequently recovered from physical restrictions and allow them to return to school, work, etc. Since blockchain is a public digital ledger, it is easy to verify the infected’s authenticity, across borders.

Much like technology in general, blockchain is extremely diverse and can offer robust solutions in the most unexpected of places. The previous blog-post and this one have tried to capture the most exciting use-cases but in no way is this an exhaustive list. We urge you to think of problems that can be addressed with blockchain technology in the future.